FAQS for Listers
FAQS for Listers
How do I lend through Vestie?
It’s easy as 1,2,3! Sign up for free, create an account and upload photos of your items to your online closet! Describe your items as we would love to know how it fit you and where you worn the piece. You have the power to set your own weekly rental price. (We recommend 50% of original retail value) We also suggest that you name the price for the security deposit fee to ensure protection to your item. And don’t forget to have your items cleaned before lending them! ;)
Can I reject a rental request?
Absolutely! As the lister, you have the freedom to decide whether you will have the item rented out or not as you may also have some events coming that would require you to wear that specific item you have listed.
Who will shoulder the dry cleaning fee?
We recommend that you take care of the dry cleaning to make sure your items are clean and safe. We advise you to include the dry cleaning fee to the rental fee.
Rental Fee + Dry Cleaning Fee + Security Deposit + Delivery = Full Rental Fee
How do I get back my item?
It will be shipped by our delivery system partner, Lalamove.
How are my items protected?
We highly recommend that you include a Security Deposit Fee to the Rental Fee to ensure protection to your item. If it was accidentally stained or damaged, you keep the Security Deposit Fee. Otherwise, we return it to the renter. If the item is truly damaged beyond repair, the renter will be charged for the half retail cost of the item.
What kind of items does Vestie accept?
Any kind of occasion wear, branded or not, is welcomed! Occasion wear includes formal wear such as gowns, dresses, cocktail dresses, coats, and suits. Costumes and traditional dresses like Filipiniana, Baro’t Saya, Abaya, and Barong Tagalog are also in demand and would definitely help a lot of renters. These are usually the type of clothing that we usually wear once and/or when an occasion arises.
How and how much will I earn from my rental?
We only get a minimal fee (around 55-65 pesos) from every transactionyou make, and the rest is yours.
*Note before paying, the security deposit fee will also be kept for late returns