FAQS for Renters
FAQS for Renters
How do I rent through Vestie?
It’s easy peasy! First, register an account, and then pick the item you want, book it and have it shipped to your doorstep.
What if I accidentally damage or stain the item?
The lister place a security deposit fee for protection on the renter. If an item is truly damaged beyond repair, the renter will be charged for the half retail cost of the item.
How do I know if the item I rented will fit me?
We hear you! Renting online can be tricky especially when it comes to sizing. It’s just like when you’re shopping online. That is why we make sure the listers describe their items with sizing and how it fits a certain body type. Also, we have a 12-hour fit guarantee policy. If it doesn’t fit,return it within 12 hours and get a refund!
How do I get the item I rented?
We have partnered with Mr. Speedy to deliver your item (for Metro Manila only). For provincial areas, don’t worry, we are currently developing and expanding our operations.
How much does joining Vestie cost?
Signing up is all free for renters and listers! There will only be a 49 pesos service fee for every transaction that will be charged for both renters and listers.
What if I returned the item late?
The security deposit fee will be kept by the lister as it will be a lost opportunity